Just because you’re retiring, that may not mean that you’re ready to spend your days lounging on the beach or tooling around the local golf course. Sure, there might be some of that, but many retirees are choosing to continue working part-time to remain active and bring in some extra income. 

AP News reports that roughly one-quarter of Americans have no plans to ever fully retire, and another one-quarter plan on working past their 65th birthday. So, if you’re considering getting a part-time job in retirement, what are your options? It turns out, you have plenty of choices!

How to Find a Part-Time Job in Retirement

There are plenty of ways to find work, but you might be a bit out of practice. One of the first places you can look is at your current organization. There’s a good chance your long-time employer might still want to use your services part-time or even as a consultant. 

You can also search for part-time jobs on career websites like Indeed.com or Monster.com. Just enter one or two search terms like “administrative” or “accounting” and look for jobs in your area. Some positions today are even remote. Be sure to have an updated resume that you can submit to potential employers and specify that you are looking for part-time work. 

Popular Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Maybe you aren’t interested in pursuing the same type of work that you’ve done for 20 or 30 years. There’s nothing wrong with shaking things up in retirement by choosing something completely different. Here are a few options:

1. Virtual Assistant

If you have any office skills at all, you can easily transition to being a part-time virtual assistant. You can do the job from home and connect with your employer through apps like Zoom and Slack. 

2. Tutor

Maybe you’re a retired teacher or simply enjoy sharing your knowledge with others. You can sign up to be an online or in-person tutor for children or college students. 

3. Dog Walker

If you’re an animal lover, you can get some exercise, spend some time outside, get to know a bunch of new furry friends, and pick up some extra cash. Families who hire dog walkers often need a person that is dependable and that lives nearby. 

4. Nanny

Working as a part-time nanny is an excellent opportunity to spend some time with children and earn part-time income at the same time. Many parents only need nannies for after-school care or some time on the weekends. 

5. Store Clerk 

Most communities have stores that need part-time work. You can even find some stores that suit your interests, such as home improvement, hobbies, and coastal gift shops. 

Looking for Your Retirement Home in Coastal NC?

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