From shoebox apartments and starter homes to fixer-uppers and residences fit for raising a family, you’ve probably lived in a lot of different places over the years. Is your current home where you’re planning to spend your retirement, too?

If you’re like most Americans, the answer is no. Maybe you’ve decided to downsize – or maybe you’d just like to move somewhere with a more comfortable climate. In either case, the good news is that life after retirement can look however you want, including where you live.

So, is it best to build or buy a home that you’ll likely spend the rest of your life in? Read on to find out!

Building a Dream Home

Building your retirement home from the ground up comes with a few risks, including potentially higher costs and a longer timeframe. But, there are also some big benefits, like having the freedom to completely customize your space.

Generally, building is a better option if you aren’t in a hurry to move. For example, if you’re planning to keep your current home and rent it out later on.

Retirees with limited mobility or other health concerns might prefer a custom-built home because they’ll be able to install essential safety features to keep the house liveable for years to come.

Building is also an environmentally friendly option, allowing you to choose all the most efficient appliances and ensuring that you’ll live in a space free from contaminants like asbestos and lead.

Buying Your Dream Home

Buying a home requires far less work than building, and it can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time. And while you’ll never move into something completely custom, buying a brand new home will give you more freedom to create a space that’s ideal for your retirement.

New homes may also come with warranties to help cover the cost of any repairs that come up in the first few years of ownership.

Buying a home is a more affordable option than building, generally speaking. Plus, you won’t have to worry about managing a construction project, communicating with a builder, or finding an interim place to live if your project happens to take longer than planned.

Buying rather than building may also help you move into a neighborhood where you’ll fit in. Active adult communities are ideal for retirees who prefer a few extra amenities and want to be surrounded by people with similar interests.

Ready to Build or Buy a Home?

If you’re ready to take the next step, it’s time to start working with a retirement relocation specialist.

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