Tired of putting your paycheck in someone else’s pocket?

I am a Realtor®, SRES®, specializing in relocation and second home purchases for Active Adults and 55+ clients. Brunswick County and the Wilmington-area have always been “home” to me. I began my career in Real Estate in the 90’s, and have been involved in Active Adult Recreational Communities since day one. After college, I worked for many land developers who specialized in second home recreational and retirement properties, and this led me to land acquisition and development. This experience has proven to be a great asset to my new clients looking to relocate into a retirement community.

My resources and connections with local retirement communities, builders and other relevant affiliates provides me with knowledge to quickly answer my clients questions. As a professional, I take my career seriously. I have a passion for the service I provide in helping people find their relocation dream home. I truly enjoy what I do, especially making new friends and lasting relationships!

Why join eXp?

  • eXpand your business’ reach beyond your state by joining our single, national brokerage
  • eXperience the power of a world-wide referral & support network
  • eXplode your career with the BEST training on the planet, both live & on-demand
  • eXplore the benefits of group healthcare access, providing you with the best plan, for the best price.
  • eXpend less energy on tasks that don’t make you money, with the top transaction management, CRM & technology at your disposal
  • eXceed your wildest dreams with equity opportunities and revenue share for long-term growth.

And finally….eXecute your business plan with the backing of the TOP agents in the industry… PERIOD.


eXp Realty Compensation is the same for everyone (No Secret Deals!)


  • Agents start out on an 80/20 Split that will cap once they have paid eXp Realty $16,000 in splits.
  • For example, you sell a home for $300,000 with a 2.5% commission, the total commission is $7,500. So, 20% of $7,500 = $1,500 is paid to eXp Realty and 80% of $7,500 = $6,000 the commission you get paid.
  • In this example, you would need to sell 11 homes to fully cap (pay eXp $16,000), and then you would pay eXp a $250 transaction fee per sale.
  • If you sell another 20 homes x $250 transaction fee = $5,000 more paid to eXp, then you become an ICON agent and can receive your $16,000 back in company stock!! No other brokerage offers this!
  • After you become ICON, the transaction fee drops to $75 per sale for the remainder of your anniversary year.
  • Click here to read all about the eXp ICON Program
  • eXp also offers a cap deferment program. Click Here to read about it.
  • Have More Questions, Contact Us.


Agents can become shareholders at eXp Realty.

eXp Realty became a publicly-traded company in 2013 and was up-listed to the NASDAQ in 2018 under the stock ticker EXPI. Every agent has the opportunity to become an owner in their brokerage and benefit from eXp Realty’s success. There are four unique ways that eXp Realty Agents can receive stock.

All eXp agents and brokers in good standing with the company are eligible to earn stock awards under the Agent Growth Incentive Program.

Here is how it works:

Stock Awards:

Upon an agent’s first completed transaction in each calendar year with eXp Realty, the agent will be granted an award of $200 worth of eXp World Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXPI) common stock.

Upon capping during each anniversary year, agents will be granted an award of $400 worth of EXPI common stock.

When an agent directly attracts another agent to the company, and upon the sponsored agent’s first completed (full unit) transaction with eXp Realty, the sponsoring agent will be granted an award of $400 worth of EXPI common stock.

ICON Agent Stock Award:

In any year that an agent achieves ICON status, the agent can earn up to $16,000 worth of EXPI common stock. For more information on how to achieve ICON status, click here.

Agent Equity Program (AEP):

eXp agents may enroll to contribute 5% of every transaction commission with EXPI stock issued at a 10% discount.

For more information on number of shares, issuance of shares, vesting, and tax treatment of stock awards, click here.

Technology & Innovation

Greater visibility into business intelligence that’s crucial to growth.

eXp’s transaction management platform allows agents to manage their transactions from beginning to close — totally paperless. Workplace is an easy-to-use collaboration platform, a lot like Facebook, but built for the world of work.

Agents and teams use tools provided by eXp Realty daily to drive more leads and deals. Manage customer interactions and share property information.

  • Review transactions from any device
  • Sign documents digitally
  • Run your business with top-grade security features
  • Share announcements
  • Communicate instantly with your team and others  
  • Broadcast live video and view past recorded videos
  • Powerful lead generation platforms provided at no additional cost
  • Integrate listings with your own WordPress website
  • Optional in-house lead generation program

eXp Agent Healthcare

Innovative Health Care Options

At eXp Realty, we’re proud to offer eXp Agent Healthcare, which provides U.S. eXp Realty agents with innovative and low-cost healthcare choices.

eXp Agent Healthcare helps agents save money, improve their provider network, and decrease their out-of-pocket costs. Our plans help eXp agents save 60% on average on their fixed expense.

  • Annual savings of up to 8K
  • Out-of-pocket savings up to $16,200/yr
  • Insurance and medical cost sharing
  • Telemedicine and second opinion services
  • Supplemental insurance

Goodbye healthcare hassles, and hello peace of mind… Download the eXp Health Plan Overview.


According to NAR, 28-33% of Realtors® are uninsured in any given year.

Revenue Sharing

Earn a revenue share from each eXp agent you bring in AND those they bring in.

Some real estate agents have zero interest in recruiting other agents to eXp. That is perfectly fine. In fact, 9 out of 10 eXp Realty Agents do not focus on recruiting, but they still get to enjoy the many other benefits offered by eXp: competitive compensation splits and caps, stock grants, one of the top real estate CRMs and transaction management software, affordable health care plans, and 50 hours of live training taught weekly by ICON Agents.

Those agents looking for an additional residual income stream, the revenue share opportunities could increase your yearly income in a major way.

Live Training

More than 50 hours of live training each week.

eXp’s eXplore Guide is a comprehensive online resource that covers everything you need about life at eXp Realty. Quick, on-demand support services Live support from eXp Realty’s agent services, technology and finance experts Transaction specialists available wherever an agent or team is located Support teams online and available weekdays from 6 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT / 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET

Learn from industry experts and top producers about:

  • Sales and listings
  • Lead generation
  • Social media
  • CRM and technology tools
  • Tap into an archive of recorded sessions

eXp utilizes the collection of knowledge and experience of its members to create a real community based on helping each other earn, learn, grow.