Retirement is an exciting period in your life that can be full of new adventures. Whether your retirement years are already here or fast approaching, you may be thinking about relocating for a variety of reasons. 

Location is a vital concern and should be one of your first thoughts. Even if you settle on a region like coastal North Carolina, you’ll still need to narrow down your options and answer some other key questions to get to the finish line. Here are some of the most important factors you should consider if you plan to build your dream home for retirement. 

Where Do You Want to Live? 

Location should always be a primary concern when choosing a home. While you might not be looking at things like the proximity and quality of public schools, you’ll want to consider other factors like climate and amenities. 

For retirees, the coastal area of North Carolina, including cities like Southport and Wilmington, are popular because they tick all the boxes. Many of these locations include:

  • Mild and pleasant weather
  • Easy access to white-sand beaches
  • Outdoor activities like walking and biking
  • World-class golf courses and clubs
  • A wide variety of restaurants

What Are Your Current & Future Housing Needs? 

Your home in retirement should be built to suit your particular needs and wants. Do you want an open floor plan? A home office? A jacuzzi tub or outdoor kitchen? Your realtor and home designer can help make these things happen. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you get ready to search for or build that perfect home: 

  • Do you want a large kitchen and, if so, are you prepared to maintain and clean it? 
  • If you want a two-story home, how will you continue to live there if you have physical limitations in the future? 
  • Do you need space for entertaining guests or extended family? 
  • If you plan on traveling, would you prefer a home that is low or no maintenance? 
  • Will you have enough storage for your keepsakes and items needed for guest visits?

Whether you want to be in a 55+ community or something a bit different, there will be something in this area to suit your particular tastes and needs. 

What About Your Hobbies & Interests?

Your home should reflect your hobbies and interests. For example, if you plan to golf or ride your bicycle every day, should your home back to a championship golf course or some fantastic biking trails? 

Maybe you plan to take up fishing or boating. You’ll want to consider location as well as ensure you have the proper storage space for all of your recreational equipment. When you choose or design your retirement dream home, take these factors into consideration. 

Ready for Your Retirement Move to Coastal North Carolina? 

If you’re thinking about building your dream retirement home in coastal North Carolina, find out how we can help. Chris Creekmore at Creekmore Realty has years of experience helping retirees complete their move to this area. 

We serve clients throughout the southeastern region of NC, including the popular areas of Brunswick and New Hanover Counties. Contact us today to find out more about how we can make your dream of carefree retirement living a reality.