Long-distance moves are big changes that can lead to big rewards. While the complications they bring may leave some people feeling daunted, strategies like planning well in advance of your move, enlisting professional help, and downsizing all simplify the task of moving across a great distance. It’s also advisable to notify key service providers and perform some research to set yourself up for a soft landing in your new home.

Start Planning Early

All aspects of a long-distance move take time, including finding a new home, packing your belongings, and vacating your old residence. And even the best moving company will likely take at least a few days to transport your items to your new home. As such, it’s important to start planning early. Assuming you’ve already identified and secured your new home, Moving.com recommends beginning to plan the move itself at least eight weeks in advance.

Get Professional Help with Moving Long Distance

Professional help can make your long-distance move easier. For instance, a moving company with knowledge of long-distance moving logistics can supply the manpower, supplies, and vehicles needed for an efficient move. And if you’re not familiar with the city you’d like to move to, consider talking to someone active in that region’s real estate industry. For instance, a realtor with expertise in a specific area like North Carolina can help you find the right home. Regardless of the type of professional, online reviews are a great way to vet them. You can also request consultations and/or estimates from different options.

Give Downsizing Some Thought

Depending on your situation, downsizing to a smaller home may bring some benefits. And even if your new residence isn’t smaller than your old one, getting rid of belongings you no longer use will make moving a long distance easier, not to mention reduce clutter in your new home. Some best practices for downsizing include carving out a dedicated window of time for the task, focusing on one type of item at a time, and making decisions on what to keep with an eye toward the lifestyle you’ll lead post-move.

Notify Government Agencies and Service Providers

When you move, you’ll need to notify a plethora of government agencies and service providers. This is especially important for long-distance moves because it won’t exactly be easy to come back for misdelivered mail! The IRS, post office, department of motor vehicles, and your bank and insurance companies are a few of the most important entities you’ll want to notify. Also be sure to keep your information current with your internet, utility, and phone service providers.

Find New Doctors

One potentially jarring part of a long-distance move is leaving your current health care providers behind. You can lessen the shock of this transition, however, by asking for recommendations from your current doctor and researching physicians in your new area online. And by focusing on medical professionals who accept your insurance, are taking new patients, and enjoy positive recommendations, you can quickly work through the list and begin identifying candidates for your new health care team. (Don’t forget to go through the same process for dentists, optometrists, and other providers you may need to replace.)

Trust Creekmore Realty Group

Now that you have these key strategies in hand, you can feel empowered to dive into your long-distance move. And where better to move to than gorgeous coastal North Carolina! The Creekmore Realty Group specializes in helping retirees find the perfect home in a 55+ community in the Wilmington area with the amenities they enjoy most. Reach out today, and let’s find your dream retirement home!