If you’re a golfer, then you know that it is both physically challenging and mentally stimulating. While it may not exactly be physically demanding like other sports, one round means you’re moving around outdoors for several hours and you’re having to use your brain for the mental challenges you face. According to both scientific and anecdotal sources, there are many health benefits of golf. In this article, we’ll look at 7 health benefits of golfing.

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Health Benefits of Golfing

Below, we’re going to take a closer look at the 7 health benefits associated with playing a round of golf.

Improves heart health

According to medical experts, any type of physical exercise gets the blood flowing to your heart. When you are playing golf, you’re walking, carrying your bag, and swinging to hit the ball- which increases blood flow and heart rate. It also reduces your risk of stroke and diabetes, as well as reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, especially if your diet and lifestyle are healthy. According to the Norwegian Golf Federation, a golfer has an average heart rate of 100 beats per minute over a 2 to 5-hour period, while playing an 18-hole round.

Stimulates Brain

Your brain’s memory circuits are strengthened by walking daily. Researchers at the Alzheimer’s Society have indicated that staying physically active by going for a jog or walking a golf course is a great way of keeping your brain and your heart healthy. When you engage in physical activity, the blood supply to your brain increases, which is critical for ensuring that it functions well both now and in the future.

Facilitates Weight Loss

In order to lose weight, you need 10,000 steps per day. One 18-hole round of golf goes far beyond this- especially if you walk it instead of using a golf cart. According to research from the Norwegian Golf Federation, a male golfer burns approximately 2,500 kCal during an 18-hole round, while female golfers burn approximately 1,500 kCal.

Reduces Stress

Golfing releases endorphins due to the mental challenges of the game, walking outdoors in fresh air, socializing, and more. The more endorphins you have, the happier and more relaxed- and less stressed- you are.

Improves Sleep

Both exercise and fresh air are a great combination to improve sleep. Walking the course instead of using a golf cart gives you a great workout. Exercising on a regular basis helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Sleeping helps your body rest and repair itself.

Low Risk of Injury

Golf is considered a low-impact sport because you’re walking on a soft surface. Most retirees find this a great quality because it allows them to burn calories with an activity with a low risk of injury.

Increases Life Expectancy

In a Swedish study, it was discovered that golfers have an increased life expectancy by 5 years.


There are many more health benefits of golfing than most people realize and it has a bigger impact on overall wellbeing. Since golf is appealing to people of all age groups, it’s a great way to encourage exercise.

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