As you get ready for retirement, I’m sure you’ve considered the benefits of moving to an active adult community. The home you owned for the past several years or decades may not meet your needs or fulfill the particular desires you have for retirement living. 

Many retirees find that they enjoy active adult communities that provide a variety of amenities and a chance to be near others with similar interests. But how do you find the right active adult community in an area with many options? Here are five factors to consider in your search:

1. Location of the Community

One of your most important decisions will be deciding where you want to live in the country. Climate often plays a major role in this choice, as does things like proximity to family. Even though many active adult communities have a ton of amenities, don’t forget to take a look at the communities you choose. What about medical care, shopping, and outside recreation opportunities? 

2. Community Amenities

Many retirees move into active adult communities because they are excited about the amenities. And some of the options can be pretty incredible! Some of these communities have multiple golf courses, swimming pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, fitness centers, and much more. Just make sure you will make use of these amenities because part of your monthly fees will pay for them. 

3. Age-Qualified vs. Age-Targeted

Even though active adult communities generally have a target audience of older adults, not every community has age restrictions. For example, some will require that at least one resident be age 55 or older to qualify as a resident. Others, however, are simply designed with amenities that appeal to more active adults, such as golf, tennis, and walking trails. If you choose one of these communities, you should know that you might be sharing your space with some younger residents. 

4. Available Homes

When you enter your retirement years, you deserve to have a home that is comfortable and meets your needs. Whether that is something big, small, or somewhere in between, there is likely something in one or several of these communities that will be a fit. The key items on many active adults’ wish lists include open floor plans, outdoor living areas, efficient features, and the ability to personalize some features. 

5. Your Budget

Of course, you’ll also need to consider your budget when choosing an active adult community. Fortunately, there are communities to meet just about every budget. And most communities have a wide range of homes, such as condos and villas up to large single-family homes. So, you certainly have options. 

Find the Perfect Active Adult Community in Coastal North Carolina

If you are considering an active adult community, you may wish to consider making Coastal North Carolina your retirement home. With a combination of low property taxes, a temperate climate, Southern hospitality, and attractive amenities, retirees are continuing to discover this area. Builders have as well, meaning there are several highly desirable active adult communities in the area.

Creekmore Realty Group specializes in helping recent retirees and relocating clients find the perfect home in the southeastern region of NC. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your retirement living dream a reality.